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We starts our day by looking at the ceiling and at the time of sleeping we saw the same thing, ceiling. One of the most important part of our house which needs to be decorated exclusively by various designs of False Ceiling by the best interior designers of Kolkata.


To build any area we need firstly the floor portion. When the person enters in the area first attraction will goes to the design of the floor. Design the floor in various ways like Vinyl Flooring, Hardwood Flooring, Granite Flooring, Bamboo Flooring, and Concrete Flooring.


We all organize our books or papers for studying or working. In the decoration of our house the wardrobe helps to keep the clothes in an organized manner. Wardrobe are also a part of our house decorations. Select the best designers for the stylish wardrobe.

Modular Kitchen

Our moods change when we get tasty food in our home. Cooking is an art which needs an environment. The interiors made in the kitchen should be distributed in various systems to keep the kitchen clean and organize.

Modular Bed

After full day working schedule, we all need rest. When we put lights off for sleeping we are entering in our dreamland. So, the beds should be comfortable, should be resistant for use and the designs will not fade even after long use. Choose the best designers to designs the modular bed.

Wall Unit

The main attraction of the living room is the wall unit which is used to keep Television, Music System, etc. and also for decoration different show pieces, trophies is needed. The stylish wall unit will be designed by the expert designers to look attractive.


From studying to eating we always need tables in our house. So, the decorations of the house includes various tables of different design like Tea Table, Dining Table, and Study Table etc.

Exclusive attraction

Color Design

The decoration looks more attractive when colors of our rooms speaks. The different color indicates the style of the rooms.

Wall Art

The beauty of the wall enhances by the designs of the wall art. The creative designers design the walls innovatively.


The different part of our house can be well designed by the various types of paintings made by the expert painters.

Show Pieces

In our house the decorations will be more attractive by placing the show pieces in living room, study room, dining room, etc.

Light Fittings

The light fittings plays an important role in the decorations. After all the decorations made by the experts we need an important thing i.e.; Lights which is used in every part of our house.

Feng Shui

Whenever we start to decorate the house before that we should think about the Feng Shui and Vastu which help us to live in harmony with nature taking advantage of the magnetic fields, gravitational effects etc. of the earth, duly invoking the blessing of the Gods of the directions. Our experts believes in maintaining the principles of Feng Shui while decorating the house.

Living items

The decoration will be incomplete if it does not includes an items like aquarium, bonsais, etc. The right place for the right items can only be designed by the designers for the decoration of the house.

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